Friday, August 30, 2013

1/30 Things - 20 Random Facts

  1. I'm a Virgo, and although I don't follow astrology, my hubby says my personality is pretty spot-on with the description of a "Virgo"
  2. Although I've had 3 dogs in my life, I'm not a "dog person" and I never really got attached to any of them.
  3. I used to sell Premier Designs jewelry, but I gave up on it after a little less than a year.
  4. I tried playing the flute, piano, and karate lessons as a child, and never stuck with any of them.
  5. I LOVE coupons, and I get the biggest rush ever from finding a stellar deal, and stocking up... The best part is putting a huge amount of an item in my cart, and also at the check-out lane, watching the amount owed drop!
  6. Although I'm now a brunette (and that's my natural hair color), I went blonde for several years as a teen.
  7. I took a break after fact #6, to go eat an entire half of watermelon myself... I gave my daughter a piece but she just smashed it.  My belly hurts.
  8. I sometimes pretend I have my own cooking show while making food in my kitchen,
  9. I love spicy food, mexican food, sushi, seafood, italian food, heck... I love FOOD, but those were my favorites.
  10. We sometimes go through 12-16 sticks of butter a week.  (<3 Costco/BJs )
  11. I never went to prom.
  12. I love high-pulp content orange juice.  Orange juice without pulp grosses me out.
  13. I loved being pregnant.  Loved it!
  14. I don't drink cow's milk at all, but I will cook with it, and eat cheese, yogurt, etc made with it. 
  15. My favorite teacher actually wasn't "my" teacher, she was my son's teacher.   I wish she would have been mine!  She is seriously a real life mother goose.
  16. I collect salt & pepper shakers.
  17. My favorite shows are The Walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy, Reba (no longer aired), & Full House (ditto)
  18. I love playing video games, but I don't feel like there's enough time in the day, or that they are important enough to distract me from everything else in my life, so I rarely play them anymore.
  19. My longest job was a waitress for Cracker Barrel, nearly 5 years.
  20. I haven't smoked a cigarette since I found out I was pregnant with my daughter over 2 years ago,  but I still miss them often.  I am too strong to go back though!

        There you have it, 20 random facts about me!

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